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Manchester Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Students enrolled in band are guided by their teacher to select a wind or percussion instrument. It is the goal that both the student and teacher find an instrument that the student will find success and perform well.

The basic instruments of flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone are taught in the sixth grade. After a trial period, students showing strong success may be asked if they wish to have a different instrument such as oboe, saxophone, french horn, tuba, baritone or percussion.

The basic instruments are available for rent from several local music stores where they have special trail period pricing. Some of the more expensive instruments such as tuba and baritone may be available to loan directly from the school with the students providing their own mouthpiece.

There is a workbook (called a method book) that students will need to get that is written for their chosen instrument. The name of the book and instrument will be given after the trying out period, usually during the second to third week of school.

During the school year, students will learn the fundamentals of sound creation, (especially as it pertains to their selected instrument), understand music notation and how to interpret the notation into beautiful music, as well as concert etiquette. Students are expected to practice on their instruments at home every night as a major part of their homework for the band classes. Students need additional time outside of the school day to practice what they have learned in class so that the skills taught will become automatic and that they will be prepared for the next class to learn something more to add to what they have previously been taught.

It is hoped that the student that starts in sixth grade will continue through the seventh and eighth grade years, and onto the high school band programs, each year becoming more proficient on their instrument.