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Manchester Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


The Manchester Middle Majestic Singers consists of 8th Advanced Chorus, 7th Intermediate Chorus and 6th Beginning Chorus. Each group performs at least 3 evening concerts at school, participates in the District 3 Choral Assessment and other events throughout the year, with advanced chorus performing the most. Some other events are: 6th and 7th-CCPS All-County Chorus, Girls and Boys home basketball games, school assemblies, assisted living facilities, Men’s Invitational Chorus, 8th-District Workshop Chorus, Pyramid Concerts at Manchester High and Clover Hill High, as well as other invitations as they arise. There are multiple opportunities to sing at Manchester, including Girls and Boys Chorus Clubs, which meet in Thursday and Friday afternoons from 3:00-4:00. These 2 clubs are open to any student at Manchester Middle with a desire to sing choral music.

(All students are required to purchase a choral outfit (under $50.) and attend concerts.)