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Manchester Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Sixth-grade language arts focuses on reinforcing reading strategies to aid in comprehension as well as exposure to various literary genres. We also work on developing the writing traits through multi-paragraph assignments and introduce research techniques.

The Seventh-grade Language Arts Department is a stepping stone from 6th-grade writing to taking the 8th-grade writing SOL. We focus on strengthening the writing skills taught in 6th-grade to prepare our students for the 8th-grade writing expectations.

Many of the novels we read correspond to the 7th-grade Social Studies curriculum, which reinforces what they learn in Social Studies as well as strengthens their reading and writing skills.

Eighth-grade students will begin to develop an appreciation for literary genres through a wide variety of multi-cultural selections. Students will improve reading and writing skills as they learn to respond critically to literature. Expository and persuasive prompts will be used to enhance vocabulary development, research, and oral presentation skills. Finally, the use of technology will be expanded and enhanced in an effort to promote digital literacy and internet awareness.

We model Reading Strategies that will help our students become even better readers, then have our students to use them as they read on their own.

All this happens while we help our students understand real world reasons for learning and using these skills.