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Manchester Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


The goal of the social studies department is to educate students as to our nation’s history and governmental structure, and provide them with the critical thinking tools necessary to become active and responsible citizens.

6th Grade: US History Part 1
In this course students will learn about North America before the arrival of Europeans up through the Civil War & Reconstruction Era. In addition to focusing on political and economic history, students will also learn about early American culture.

7th Grade: US History Part 2
In this course students will pick up where their left off with the Reconstruction Era in sixth grade and continue their study of US History to the present day. Students will study our country’s political, economic, and cultural institutions as well as our culture.

8th Grade: Civics & Economics
In this course students will learn the basic foundations and structure of American government, explore the basic rights and responsibilities involved in citizenship, and gather an understanding of how the United States economy functions.

***a more in-depth & accelerated curriculum is used for all CBG classes