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There will be NO Behind the Wheel for Drivers ED this Fall.

Behind-the-wheel is regulated by the Virginia Department of Education and follows high quality standards and principles. Instructors at Midlothian High School proudly uphold the VDOE policies and guidelines set forth to ensure quality education behind- the wheel of a car.


The licensing process in the state of Virginia can be a tedious one. Students must first successfully complete a 36 hour driver education course. At Midlothian High School, students complete this class during their 10th grade year (1st semester) as a part of the Health and Physical Education class. When students are at least 15 and a half years old, families can take their teen to the DMV to take the necessary tests to obtain a learner’s permit. The student must hold the learner’s permit for a total of 9 months. Students should be recording their driving hours in the 45 hour log that the DMV provides or they can get the log from a Driver’s Ed teacher at the school.


The final step of the licensing process is behind-the-wheel. It is separate from the driver education course and is taken after school with a certified instructor. Behind-the-wheel is 7 days long and is on weekdays AND Saturdays. Services are provided all year round, and instructors teach during the summer months as well. Summer sessions are typically in the mornings. Please use this site to sign up for an appointment in order to start behind-the-wheel. Students are encouraged to seek an appointment about 2 months before their 9 month learner’s permit requirement is complete. Check out the calendar for open sessions and availability.

More information on the licensing process can be found at www.dmvnow.com.

Photo of teacher

Melissa Santmyer
Health & PE 10 / Driver Ed Teacher
Behind the Wheel Coordinator


As of July 1, 2019:

  1. Hand-held cell phone use in work zones: Drivers shouldn’t ever be texting and driving, especially in construction zones – and now there’s a law to help prevent it. Those caught using a hand-held cell phone in a work zone will face a mandatory $250 fee.

  2. Suspended drivers licenses: Virginia courts will no longer suspend drivers licenses for unpaid court fines and costs. The state will also reinstate driving licenses for more than 627,000 Virginians.

  3. Child car seats: Parents in Virginia will be required to use rear-facing car seats for their children until they reach the age of two, or meet the minimum weight standards for a forward facing seat.

  4. Car Inspections: The price of getting a car’s yearly safety inspection done will go from $16 to $20.

  5. “Move Over” Reckless Driving Law: This law increases the punishment for drivers who violate the Move Over law in Virginia. A driver can be punished if they fail to move into a nonadjacent lane on a highway with at least four lanes when approaching a stationary vehicle displaying flashing, blinking, or alternating blue, red, or amber lights, or, if changing lanes would be unreasonable or unsafe, to proceed with due caution and maintain a safe speed. The old law said the first offense is a traffic infraction punishable by a fine of no more than $250, and a second offense is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor. The new law would make all offenses reckless driving, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

As of July 1, 2020:

  1. Protection of Bicyclists and Other Vulnerable Road Users – Senate Bill 437 makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor to operate a vehicle in a careless or distracted manner if serious bodily injury is caused to a vulnerable road user. A vulnerable road user includes pedestrians, bicyclists, those using a wheelchair, those on skateboards or roller skates, those riding an animal or using an animal-drawn vehicle, and those using electric scooters.

  2. Pedestrian Yielding Law – House Bill 1705 requires drivers yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian crossing a highway by stopping and remaining stopped until the pedestrian has passed the lane in which the vehicle is stopped. When a vehicle is yielding to the pedestrian, vehicles approaching from an adjacent lane or from behind the vehicle cannot pass the stopped vehicle.

  3. Reckless Driving Punishment – House Bill 885/Senate Bill 63 increases the fine for those driving between 81 and 85 miles per hour in a 65 miles per hour zone. If convicted, the fine is an additional $100.





Students will need to complete the following forms prior to meeting with Miss. Santmyer:

Parent Enrollment Form

Signed PPF-19 Form

Currently, CCPS is not allowing Behind the Wheel through the High Schools. We do not know yet when we will be able to resume Behind the Wheel. Once we are updated when we can resume I will update this web page. Thank you for your understanding.

The paperwork and items that you are required to bring when signing up include:

  • Learner’s permit

    • PLEASE NOTE: If you lost your original learner’s permit then you need to bring a paper from the DMV stating when you originally obtained your learner’s permit. Otherwise, I have to go with the date that is on your duplicate learner’s permit instead. I cannot just take your word for it for when you originally did obtain it.

  • Enrollment form with parent signature

  • $210 check to MHS or cash (exact amount only)

  • Signed PPF-19 form

  • Your DEC-1 card if you did NOT take the in-classroom portion of Driver’s Ed through Midlothian

  • Logged hours thus far

The PPF-19 and Enrollment forms can be found under the “Forms” tab of this website.

If you have questions, please contact the coordinator.

The following calendars are for students who have already met with Miss. Santmyer and have been assigned driving dates. You may not drive until you’ve been assigned a date by Miss. Santmyer.

The calendars below indicate dates and times for students who have been approved to drive Behind the Wheel. All drivers should arrive on the specified dates and times at the Driver’s Ed Cars located in the Tennis Court Parking Lot.

To see individual schedules, go to the appropriate calendar sub-page. The calendar that coordinates with your assigned dates was circled on the schedule given to you by Miss. Santmyer after signing up. If you have lost that schedule then click on each calendar below until you find your name located on it.

You may not drive until you’ve been assigned a date by Miss. Santmyer. The calendar below indicates dates and times for students who have been approved to drive Behind the Wheel. All drivers should arrive on the specified dates and times at the Driver’s Ed Cars in the Tennis Parking Lot.

Calendar A

Calendar B

Calendar C

Calendar D