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Midlothian High School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Students in Midlothian High School’s English classes hone their skills in reading, writing, speaking, research, and multimodal communication. Students take English courses all four years of high school, with the following leveling choices: standard (9–12), honors (9–11), dual enrollment (11–12), AP (11–12), and IB (11–12). English electives include yearbook and journalism.

The literature studied in standard- and honors-level courses covers a survey of genres (9), world literature (10), American literature (11), and British literature (12). First-year dual enrollment students take College Composition, while second-year students take British and American Literature. Students taking AP English courses take AP English Language & Composition in 11th grade and AP English Literature & Composition in 12th grade.

For questions about the English department at Midlothian, please contact department chair Jennifer Fischer at