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Midlothian Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Sixth-Grade Exploratory Drama

This is a nine week introduction to the basics of theatre that will help students gain communication skills and self confidence. We will explore pantomime, vocal characteristics, sensory awareness, and public speaking. We will read, write, and perform scenes, play theatre games, create commercials, and much more!

Seventh-Grade Drama

This is a semester class in which students will develop their teamwork skills, self confidence, and performance abilities. Students will explore basic acting rules, stage geography and parts of the theatre, theatrical design, and directing. Students will participate in a poetry slam, create newscasts, design and work with costumes, sets, lights, and makeup, and much more! The semester will culminate with a scene performance in an assembly for the rest of the 7th grade.

Eight-Grade Semester Drama

This is a semester class that will allow students to hone their communication skills, self confidence, and acting. Students will continue to build upon the skills they developed in Drama 6 and 7 by working on improvisation, character development, dialects, monologues, and auditioning. All 8th grade Drama students will also participate in a one act play to be presented at the Dinner Theatre Event at the end of the semester that is open to the public.

Eight-Grade Year-Long Drama

This year-long class is intended for students who are particularly interested in being involved in productions on stage and/or behind the scenes. They will have the opportunity to participate in field trips, workshops, at least two stage productions, and maybe even a flash mob! Performance –focused topics explored will include improvisation, dialects, characterization, script writing and analysis, and audition technique. Students will also work with design elements such as costume, makeup, and set. They will also learn to operate technical equipment like the light board and sound board.