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Midlothian Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Technology Education

Grade 6 Introduction to Technology:

Students learn about basic elements common to all technology, such as energy, processes, information, and people. They are introduced to several systems of technology and may explore one or more of them through study and hands-on activities. Typical systems studied are from the areas of construction, transportation, communications, and production technology.

Grade 7 Inventions and Innovations:

Students research and construct models of significant inventions that have advanced society. After studying inventions, students explore contemporary problems that technology can solve and invent a new product or improve an existing one.

Grade 8 Technological Systems:

Students learn how to combine resources and techniques to create systems through study and hands-on activities. By examining systems and assessing the impacts of systems on society, students gain insight into how to approach the problems and opportunities presented by a technological world. Students also explore occupational areas and learn about educational programs which lead to technology-oriented careers.