• Grill and Chill– Teacher work week we host all family to a cookout on the blacktop and school, we grill and hang out and have fun together before the school year starts.
  • Daddy/ Daughter Dance– The Daddy/ Daughter dance usually occurs in Feb. Such a special time between Daughters and the special people in their lives. 
  • Battle of the Books– 5th graders join Battle of the Books to compete against each other and other schools to show knowledge of the books they read. 
  • Safety Patrols– 5th graders work hard at helping keep all of those safe in the hall and assisting the kids and students to classrooms. 
  • STEAMmania- K-5 meet after school to work in teams and then compete at the county level on STEAM activities 
  • Run Club- K-5 meet in the spring and begin running short distances in the morning before school. 
  • Book Fair – Three times a year the Library sponsors the Book Fair for kids and parents to come together and purchase books to read and share together. 
  • Family Night- Family nights vary on subject matter,  technology, math, literacy ETC….
  • Book and Breakfast- Mrs Flucke sets up a book and breakfast for all grade levels to participate 
  • Watchdogs- We have an amazing amount of Dads and Granddads that volunteer each day in our school. The help all teachers and are a hug influence in  our school culture 
  • Field Day- In June we show off all the things we learned in PE this year with Field Day 
  • Inclusion Winter Program- Everyone is a Sta! Our winter program that includes everyone and highlights the importance of inclusion. 
  • Mandarain Chinese class – K-5 Classes – Students attend Chinese Class every week as part of the resource plan.  They sing dance and speak to each other in Chinese.  
  • ASL Inclusion Class – Starting in K some kids are exposed to ASL as their second language with the K immersion class 
  • Kindergarten letterland wax museum– Once we learn our sounds we highlight the letters and what they make with our own living wax museum.
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