Second Grade
Photo of students at their desks in the classroom working on making a clock with paper plates.

Students will demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction text and read with fluency, accuracy and expression.

The goal for writing at the second-grade level is for students to write a fluent paragraph around a central idea that displays organization, voice, sentence fluency, word choice, and conventions.

The second-grade mathematics program focuses on building students’ own intuitive sense of numbers. Development of the size of numbers (magnitude), multiple ways of thinking about and representing numbers, strategies and words to compare numbers, and an understanding of simple operations on numbers will be emphasized.

Social Studies
The second-grade Social Studies program focuses on a variety of cultures around the world and the continuing development of basic map skills. Students will study the lives of individuals from the past who have, through several contributions, helped improve our own communities. They will also gain a better understanding of basic economic concepts.

The second-grade standards continue to focus on using a broad range of science skills in understanding the natural world. Making detailed observations, drawing conclusions, and recognizing unusual or unexpected data are stressed as skills needed for using and validating information.

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