Teacher of the Year
Headshot of Lisa Holt

Congratulations Lisa Holt, 2023 Teacher of the Year

Lisa Holt is an exceptional teacher at Gates Elementary. Not only is she invested in teaching first grade students with the English language learners cluster, she is very much invested in the health and well-being of school community. Lisa is one of the founders of the Sunshine Committee. With her leadership, activities and celebrations are carried out throughout each year to promote a positive school climate and culture. For example, every Tuesday is Sunshine Day and staff members wear sunshine T-shirts. Lisa’s focus on not just what is happening in the classroom but supporting all staff at Gates sets her above standard!

Portrait of Dawn Janiszewski

Congratulations Dawn Janiszewski, 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

Dawn Janiszewski, better known as Mrs. J., is a teacher of teachers! In her calm manner, she reaches children and inspires them to work to their potential. Regardless if it is a student with a disability or a student for whom English is a second language, Mrs. J. always works toward meeting the students where they are and then lifting them to meet academic expectations. Another quality we admire is that Mrs. J. always works with other teachers training and collaborating. She is always striving to expand her own learning and share with her grade level; she has been a great team leader!

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