Oct. 28 is deadline for openings on School Board advisory committees

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Advisory committees established by the Chesterfield County School Board are one way community members connect with their local schools. Advisory committee members are appointed from each of the county’s five magisterial districts and include parents, teachers, staff members, students and others interested in helping Chesterfield County Public Schools achieve its vision of creating a better tomorrow. Advisory committee members who are appointed by the School Board must reside in the district they represent. Click the application button at bit.ly/BdCom to apply by Oct. 28 if you are eligible and interested in either of these two openings:

Midlothian District seat on Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (partial term ending June 30, 2022)

The purpose of the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee is to review, evaluate and make recommendations with regard to current and best practice efforts to sustain and enhance the quality of life as directly tied to school operations and facilities, as well as general public awareness.

The School Board may request that the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee review, but not be limited to, topics such as environmental quality, environmental sustainability, energy, local sourcing of food and reduction of food waste. The recommendations of the committee will be submitted in writing directly to the School Board and superintendent.

Recommendations may be forwarded to the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee for further consideration if a recommendation has a fiscal impact.

Matoaca District seat on Gifted Education Advisory Committee (partial term ending June 30, 2023)

Gifted Education Advisory Committee members must have a child currently receiving gifted services. The Gifted Education Advisory Committee is a Virginia Department of Education recommended committee that includes parents, school administrators, counselors, teachers, school psychologists, Gifted Education Department staff and community members. A designated School Board member attends committee meetings to obtain key information related to gifted services within the school division and to offer valuable input from a School Board perspective throughout the year.

The main purpose of the Gifted Education Advisory Committee is to monitor and discuss gifted services in relation to current state regulations and the School Board approved local Plan for the Education of the Gifted. The Gifted Education Advisory Committee provides a venue for committee members to engage in open discussion of critical issues related to gifted education and formulate recommendations that support important focus areas related to gifted services within our school division. The committee is committed to promoting reflective practices that encourage open discussion and continuous improvement. Each year, the committee provides an annual report to the superintendent and School Board that enables stakeholders to monitor progress, review accomplishments, address challenges and target future focus areas related to gifted services in Chesterfield County Public Schools. Under Virginia’s open government requirements, meetings are generally required to be held in person. If you are unable to meet in person, please note that in your application under “availability for meeting attendance.” For more information about specific committees or to apply, go to bit.ly/BdCom. To view upcoming meeting dates for each committee, go to https://tinyurl.com/FY22AdvisoryCommitteeSchedule.

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