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The Virginia Department of Education today released Standards of Learning pass rates for every school district in Virginia. The pass rates are based on SOL tests administered in the spring of 2021. Given the closure of schools in March 2020 and the disruption of in-person instruction during 2020- 21, the latest SOL results represent new baselines in all subject areas, according to the Virginia Department of Education.

This table shows local and statewide pass rates based on federal calculations, which are lower than state calculations, for the all-students category from 2020-21 and 2018-19. (Standards of Learning tests were not administered in the spring of 2020 because of the pandemic.)


subject2018-19 pass rate2020-21 pass rate
Chesterfield County English: reading7964
Chesterfield County mathemeatics8252
Chesterfield County science8260
Virginia English: reading7869
Virginia mathemeatics8254
Virginia science8159

Comparing the latest test results to results of tests administered before COVID-19 is like comparing bananas and beets,” Superintendent Merv Daugherty said. “That being said, SOL results are among the data our schools have already begun to use as we help students grow and recover from any unfinished learning related to the pandemic. We will continue to do what’s best for kids and help every student succeed as we move forward.”

Factors to consider when reviewing SOL pass rates include:

  • varied learning conditions created by COVID-19 pandemic (virtual, hybrid, in-person)
  • decrease in the number of tests taken (Chesterfield County students completed 68,376 scored tests in 2020-21 versus 107,909 in 2018-19.)
  • increase in students opting out of the tests (6,268 opt-outs in 2020-21 versus 1,525 in 2018-19; these opt-outs count as failed tests)

The SOL pass rates released today will not affect school accreditation; all schools in Virginia will officially have a 2021-22 rating of “accreditation waived.” In 2018-19, which was the last school year accreditation was assessed in Virginia, 100% of Chesterfield County schools were accredited.

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