Don’t underestimate the importance of having fun participating in school activities. Some of the best times and memories students have are the experiences of belonging to a club or participating in an after school activity. Clubs and activities are important to join just for the enjoyment that they will bring to most students, but they also allow the students to more easily make friends because the groups are small and they get to be themselves!

Clubs and activities provide students with many positive experiences that help them to become well-rounded individuals who are ready for college or the workplace. It helps students to become active in their school and to feel a connection the school and to others. It provides a sense of pride and school spirit and it is a positive influence on our youth today.

Focused on two students building something in a classroom full of students working in groups.
Group of students holding certificates in the cafeteria.

Compassion, Perseverance, Commitment to Quality, Collaboration, and Integrity. These are the character traits that our school strives to instill in our students.

Each class selects two students who have consistently shown one of these outstanding character traits. A Robious Rally is a school-wide celebration to highlight each of the traits and to honor those students who have been chosen by their teachers and classmates. Parents of honored students are invited to attend the assembly, making it a very special celebration for everyone!

This year we opted for a virtual celebration of Veterans’ Day! Students requested pictures and videos of their family members that served in the military. Our music teacher, Marissa Parsons, created a video montage of music, artwork, and family testimonies. Also, students had a hand in our Veterans Day Mural. Every student in the school decorated a star during their morning crew. Kindergarten had the task of creating a word from “The Star-Spangled Banner”. First grade wrote, “Thank You” in different languages used around the world by our countries’ Allies. Students in second through fifth grade wrote a personal note or quote on their star to share as a sign of their gratitude.

Throughout the year, Robious Elementary welcomes world-renowned authors and illustrators to talk to students about their books and the writing and illustration process. Organized by Robious’ Librarian, visits have included Chris Grabenstein, Jan Brett, Russell Ginns, Henry Cole and others.

Since 2019, Robious Elementary faculty, students and families have participated in Better World Day, a national movement which encourages students to think creatively to address real world problems through civic action. Robious students have focused on enhancing our school and home communities with projects such as installing gardens, painting murals, writing letters to nursing home residents, painting kindness rocks, collecting donations for food banks, and so much more.

Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading incentive program for 5th grader students. It supports students in their love of reading and introduces them to quality literature and great authors!

Students who sign up are placed on teams and given a select list of books. Through teamwork, students develop skills of competition, socialization, and respect for one another as they read the books and study the story elements. Volunteer parent coaches help lead practice sessions for students to practice questions with their team. Then a final completion is held where student teams battle one another to determine a champion!

In conjunction with Robious school counselors’ unit on careers, college and future goals, the school hosts Career Day. Parents are invited to visit classes to talk about different careers, jobs and occupations. Students are given the opportunity to learn about different career paths and ask questions directly to local professionals.

Students play tug of war outside on field day.

Each spring, all students participate in fun and challenging events created by Robious’ PE Teacher, Mr. Miller. Complete with something for everyone, students look forward to this fun day outside with their friends as they compete in races, learn new activities, play on inflatable water slides and cool off with snow cones. Parent volunteers manage each of the stations and younger students are accompanied by older student buddies.

In 2019, Robious held the first annual Friendsgiving celebration with the Kindergarten and 3rd grade buddy crews. The event brings together students in both grades to share a common meal (with food donated by parents) while learning about the history of the Native American people and their traditions.

Love learning about the world? Love history? Join the History / Geography Club. Club members are encouraged to read and learn all about geography – including learning about different places and cultures around the world – as well as history. Students participate in team and individual competitions to test their knowledge, and all members have a chance to represent Robious at the Regional History and Geography Bees.

Do you love it when you get a really hard problem in math? Do you enjoy working with others to solve these tough problems? The Robious Math Olympiad is open to students who want to challenge themselves mathematically, and are willing to think outside the box as they collaborate with a team of other students on tough problems. Each month, Math Olympians also complete problem sets as part of the International Math Olympiad.

Each year, students in grades 3 through 5 vote for their peers to be a part of the Principal’s Crew. Elected students meet with Robious’ Principal, Mrs. Chapman, monthly to express concerns and brainstorm ways to enhance our school community. Suggestions range from requests for extra recess to announcing the lunch menu for the following day during afternoon announcements. Students love the opportunity to share new ideas and be a part of the planning process.

The Safety Patrol is a select group of 5th graders that are committed to providing a safe school environment for all students at Robious Elementary. A Safety Patrol member should be responsible, respectful, cooperative, and helpful. They should always model “The Robious Way”. The job of a safety patrol is to protect students by enforcing bus and hallway rules on their way to and from the classroom at the beginning and end of each school day. They also serve as models for younger children, who look up to them. Only students in 5th grade can serve as a safety patrol.

This County-wide, annual event is designed for 1st through 5th grade students in order to showcase their knowledge, expertise, and interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields. Robious’ Exploratory Teacher leads voluntary STEAM team practices, preparing students for competition at the County level.

During practices, students learn how to problem-solve effectively through higher-level thinking skills utilizing all facets of science, technology, engineers, arts and mathematics. Robious’ student teams have received many awards during competitions including 1st Place in K-2 Health and P.E Engineering Challenge, Literacy Engineering Challenge, Math Engineering, 1st Place in 3-5 Social Studies Engineering Challenge, World Language, 2nd Place in K-2 World Language and many others.

Crew is a daily structure at Robious that fosters relationships, supports social and emotional growth, and reinforces character development. Typically, Crew meetings take place in every classroom for the first 30 minutes of the day. On special occasions, we will meet in a school-wide Crew meeting to build community, celebrate successes, and promote shared understandings. At Robious, we are Crew not passengers!

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