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French Dual Language Immersion @ RES

Our vision is for all students in our French DLI Program to engage in an academically rigorous environment, work toward becoming biliterate and bilingual citizens, and develop an appreciation of culture and diversity.

Our mission is for all students in the French DLI Program to reach high levels of academic achievement, develop biliteracy and bilingualism, and contribute to a better world.

Students are eligible to participate in DLI upon registering for Kindergarten at RES. All students will be included in a lottery for enrollment in the program. Upon being selected through the lottery process, parents will be notified and will have the opportunity to either accept their child’s placement in a DLI class or opt-out for placement in a traditional class.

In the following situations, a student will automatically be eligible for placement in a DLI class:

  • A sibling is already enrolled in DLI
  • A parent is a CCPS employee
  • A student is a native French speaker
  • A student who was previously enrolled in a DLI program

An additional lottery process will occur for rising 1st graders. Parents must opt-in to be part of this lottery. This lottery is dependent upon space being available as determined by class sizes.

Parents may choose to un-enroll their child from DLI at any time.

VDOE World Language Standards

As emeritus professors of George Mason University, we are thrilled to read this comprehensive document providing assistance for Dual Language Immersion programs for the Commonwealth of Virginia, produced by the Virginia Department of Education. After 35 years of our conducting longitudinal research in many school systems throughout the United States, we have concluded that dual language schooling is the most effective and cutting-edge school innovation of the 21st century, benefiting all students, including English learners and native English speakers of all ethnic and social class backgrounds.

Dual language schooling is rapidly spreading throughout the U.S. As the internet connects everyone globally, native-English-speaking families view this school innovation as a means of their children becoming deeply proficient in both English and a partner language, beginning at an early age and continuing through the secondary years. Their children can also connect cross-culturally to peers who speak the partner language through dual language classes. English learners who enroll in the dual language program benefit enormously as well, as they close the full achievement gap in English at no cost to their heritage language and graduate as proficient bilinguals, ready for the workplace of the 21st century. The stimulating dual language curriculum produces students who become creative problem-solvers. Our research and other researchers’ studies demonstrate that dual language students score significantly higher on achievement tests in both languages, are more engaged with classroom instruction, have stronger self-esteem, are happier with school, achieve higher high school graduation rates, and become successful bilingual professionals as adults.

Dual Language Immersion Education: Supporting K-12 Implementation in Virginia has been thoughtfully written by experienced Virginia dual language immersion educators. We encourage all Virginia school divisions to consider the potential and possibilities for implementing this powerful enrichment model of schooling. The research support for dual language immersion education is very strong, and this program is worthy of adoption by all Virginia educators.

-Virginia P. Collier and Wayne P. Thomas (Foreword; VDOE Dual Language Immersion Education document)

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