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Fifth Grade

The Basics

In fifth grade, we keep our eye on the prize: graduating elementary school and moving on to middle school! Knowing the expectations in middle school, we want every student to walk out of the doors of Robious Elementary as an independent thinker. To promote independence, we have high standards for organization and accountability. We expect every student to contribute to group work and show integrity daily.

As the oldest students in the school, fifth graders are viewed as role models by their peers and teachers. Every student is called on to be a leader in several capacities.

Language Arts

In fifth grade we focus on fine tuning the reading and writing strategies that students have learned all along in elementary school. Using a variety of reading comprehension strategies, students will continue to develop an appreciation for literature by reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction selections across the content areas. Students will be introduced to many genres of text in a variety of print form including novels, articles and web sites. Fifth graders will continue to practice the six traits of writing that they’ve been learning since kindergarten. This is the first year that students take the writing SOL. Given a prompt, students will learn to plan, organize and creatively write a response. Throughout the year they will practice becoming better writers as they conference with both peers and teachers to receive feedback on specific areas of writing.


The mathematicians at RES are busy, busy, busy because they are excellent problem solvers! Our problem-based learning environment emphasizes group work, as well as individual processing, on a daily basis. The students are encouraged to find multiple answers to problems, while teachers model how the students can present material in interesting and unique ways. Every fifth grade classroom begins the daily math lesson with a problem of the day. This problem sets the tone for what will be covered during that math session, as well as provides the teacher with information about how the students are progressing. Since our students are on the road to middle school, our goal is to foster the problem solving skills they’ve learned during their elementary years and send them on their way as confident mathematicians.


Students continue to rely on the scientific method and utilize science process skills to explore the world around them. From the microscopic world of atoms and cells, to the rocks beneath our feet and the oceans where we play here on planet Earth, to the far reaches of the Solar System, students look more deeply into what makes the world go round!

Social Studies

Exploring geography, people, and the history of the world is our focus in Social Studies. We visit one continent at a time looking for connections between the past and present, how the climate and geography influence people, and how the people influence the land.

We make inferences as to how people groups feel in certain circumstances and what motivates them to act. We emphasize the interconnectedness of our world!