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First Grade
First grade is all about developing the whole child the day they enter the classroom.  It is a year where some of the most growth, both socially and academically, will happen.  It is the year where reading takes the forefront in a child’s learning experience. First grade begins with learning to read and ends with reading to learn.
Language Arts
A large piece of instruction in first grade focuses on Reading and Writing.  Students begin the school year learning to read and finish the school year ‘reading to learn!’  Each student leaves first grade loving to read for enjoyment and with a stronger grasp of reading and analyzing non-fiction texts.

In math, the emphasis is on number sense.  Students are asked to show how numbers are broken apart, how answers can be shown in more than one way, and how numbers apply to real world.  Students are also taught to read clocks, count money, measure, and write on story problems.


Science is woven into the curriculum throughout the year. Science includes studying the different parts of the Scientific Investigation, animal adaptations, and plants.  The 1st grade team works to authentically create cross curricular ties in Science including an authentic inquiry of birds.

Social Studies

Social studies is woven into the curriculum throughout the year. Some of the large topics include studying Famous Virginians, Jamestown, economics, map skills, and landforms.

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