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Fourth Grade
fourth grade teachers

Mrs. Cosby, Mrs. McHugh, Mrs. Wilkerson, Mrs. Wrobel, and Ms. Landergan

Fourth Grade is an exciting place to be. At this grade level, students will work hard and learn about many exciting topics.

Language Arts


A mini-lesson begins the workshop focusing on particular reading strategies (inferring, connecting, visualizing, questioning, determining importance, and synthesizing). The mini-lesson is followed by independent practice for students. During this time, students participate in guided reading groups, independent reading, or literature circles.

Literature circles will be held several times during the year. In literature circles, students read and respond to novels in small groups. Leveled books/text and novels are the basis for most 4th grade reading instruction.

Students in fourth grade respond to their reading with their personal reactions. They learn to make a statement and support their thinking with details and proof from the book.


The 6 +1 Writing Program will be used to help students write using ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, conventions, and presentation.

Writing pieces include narratives, poetry, descriptions, explanations, journals, and responses.The 4th grade Writing Predictor Test is given each year in March. The results of this test guide instruction for the remainder of the year and help in the following year to prepare for the 5th grade SOL writing test.

Word Study is part of the Reading/Writing block. Daily practice with sorts are given as classwork and homework.


Students will be using an inquiry based approach to discover the concepts behind the mathematical procedures. The focus is on problem solving and using various strategies to solve problems. We use a variety of resources in order to meet the needs of all math learners (Van de Walle, Marilyn Burns, Investigations). Critical thinking through Problems of the Week will continue to be emphasized school-wide this year.

Social Studies and Science

Virginia Studies (400 years of Virginia history!) is usually taught in two to three week segments. Students will learn about Jamestown, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, Reconstruction, The Civil Rights Movement, and other important events and people in Virginia.

Science topics include: natural resources, electricity and magnetism, ecosystems, force and motion, weather, plants, and space. Science is taught is two to three-week segments as well.

Social Studies and Science are taught by the homeroom teacher.