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Fourth Grade
Group of teachers posing outside for a picture in front of a train.

Fourth Grade is an exciting place to be. At this grade level, students will work hard and learn about many exciting topics.

Language Arts

Our goal in fourth grade is to foster a love for reading and writing, while also mastering the Virginia Standards of Learning. Students are engaged in shared reading, small group reading, and independent reading. Additionally, students grow as writers by participating in both narrative and expository writing experiences. Children are encouraged to create their own stories, poems, songs, plays, and other literary artforms for enjoyment.


Students will be using an inquiry based approach to discover the concepts behind the mathematical procedures. The focus is on problem solving and using various strategies to solve problems. We use a variety of resources in order to meet the needs of all math learners (Van de Walle, Marilyn Burns, Investigations). Critical thinking through Problems of the Week will continue to be emphasized school-wide this year.

Social Studies and Science

Virginia Studies (400 years of Virginia history!) is usually taught in two to three week segments. Students will learn about Jamestown, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, Reconstruction, The Civil Rights Movement, and other important events and people in Virginia.

Science topics include: natural resources, ecosystems, oceans, weather, plants, and space.

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