Group of six teachers posing for a picture.

Ms. Berry, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Spangenthal, Madame Corbin, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Dowd, Mrs. Pearson, and Mrs. Freedman

Kindergarten is an Exciting Year for Our Newest Roadrunners

Kindergarten at Robious Elementary is an exciting year which sets the foundation for a love of learning! Through students’ curiosity, creativity and the development of social values, academic growth is achieved. The littlest Roadrunners learn the importance of routines and rituals which enable them to thrive. A classroom culture is built in each kindergarten classroom wherein each student feels safe and desires to better understand the world, and a love for learning is gained. Kindergarten at Robious is a year full of much discovery and tremendous growth! Welcome aboard!

Language Arts

At Robious perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of being a kindergarten student and/or teacher is not only that a love for literature is achieved, but the children learn to read and write. Our littlest Roadrunners blossom as they begin on the very first day of kindergarten learning letter identification and letter sounds. An array of literature is used to introduce reading strategies throughout the year; these strategies help children to connect with and better understand what is read. Just like in other subject areas, students learn through differentiation and through many different “hands on” approaches — in whole group and small group settings, with partners and individually. At Robious the growth for our Roadrunners in reading and writing is tremendous!


Math is taught using a variety of manipulatives which allow the students to see, feel, and manipulate the many concepts taught throughout the year. Patterns, counting, number recognition and writing numbers, money, measurement and number concepts are explored with a tactile approach, as well as through our daily calendar math. Kindergarteners at Robious begin to see how math is used and needed each and every day!


Robious’ new Roadrunners learn how to think like scientists by using their five senses. Magnets, the properties of water, shadows, weather, and living and nonliving are introduced. A visit to the pumpkin patch and to the zoo enhance our kindergarteners learning. The school year ends with a fabulous project wherein the students discover through questioning, presentations from community resources, literature and a hands-on approach the importance of taking care of our Earth each and every day.

Social Studies

As an expeditionary learning school, our students begin the school year with their first project wherein they discover through much questioning and exploration the core values of Robious Elementary, better known as the Robious Way Character Traits. These traits enable everyone to work together collaboratively inside and outside the classroom, as individuals of good character. In November a feast is had by all as they learn about the importance of the first Thanksgiving. The busy and fun-filled month of December flies by as we fly from country to country learning about maps and globes and discovering holidays around the world. In social studies many concepts are introduced throughout the year: patriotic symbols, important historical figures, needs vs. wants, as well as jobs within our community.

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