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Second Grade
Language Arts

Daily reading is our number one priority. The appropriate level for each child is used for cross curricular learning. Fluency, accuracy, and comprehension are emphasized. Grammar and spelling in all types of writings are taught and continually reviewed. We enjoy a monthly book log ceremony to celebrate out-of-class efforts in reading. At each session, a favorite book is read to all by a surprise guest reader and individual recognition is noted for those who completed the monthly book log correctly. A free child size ice cream sundae certificate to a local diner is given to each winner, in addition to the chance to win a free book!


An organized pace of concepts and skills is presented throughout the year. Our second grade curriculum includes units in money, time, geometry, measurement, and fractions. The daily application of addition and/or subtraction concepts is used with the emphasis of multiple strategies when solving. Dreambox technology supplements and challenges all students at their level.


Who wouldn’t love investigating using reasoning and logic/thinking to study animals and their habitats, magnets and weather? Also taught are units in solid, liquid, and gases, seasonal changes, and plants. Demonstrations and hands on activities are provided to enhance understanding.

Social Studies

This is a favorite subject by RES second graders because of the study of the following concepts: geography, Egypt, China, economics, six famous Americans, three Indian tribes, and citizenship in our government. Sharing our ethnic origins, customs, and traditions show our diversity, yet unites us as Americans.