Title I

Title I dollars help increase student achievement and strengthen communities. Title I programs vary from school to school, but the goal at every school is ensuring that all children have a high-quality education. All Chesterfield County schools, whether they receive Title I money or not, provide an engaging and relevant education that prepares every student to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Here’s what Title I does:

  • provides additional instruction to help eligible students improve reading, writing or math skills in kindergarten through fifth grade
  • coordinates all instructional activities with the classroom or subject area teacher to foster more effective learning
  • provides a variety of instructional approaches and materials that complement the county’s language arts and mathematics curricula
  • provides individual and small group supplemental instruction
  • promotes self-esteem to help children reach their full potential
  • provides prekindergarten programs in seven elementary schools
  • provides extended day programs both before and after school
  • extends the school year with opportunities and assistance for Title I students to attend summer session
  • encourages parent and family involvement through parent conferences, workshops and home visits

Title I is the U.S. government’s largest assistance program for schools, putting federal money into schools that have a high percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.
Title I began in 1965 as Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Act and was reauthorized in 2001 in the No Child Left Behind Act. Title I money must be used to supplement — not replace — what is provided by the local school district for all other schools.

Parent involvement at all grade levels is key in all Title I schools. In addition to holding an annual meeting, Title I schools offer these opportunities:

  • invite and welcome parents as active participants in student learning and school activities
  • provide opportunities for parents to gain greater insight into children’s educational, social and emotional needs through meetings and workshops
  • give parents a voice in Title I efforts at their child’s school
  • include translating and interpreting services (available upon request)

Jennifer Timmons is Chesterfield’s Title I instructional specialist. For more information, call 804-639-8697, email ccpsinfo@ccpsnet.net or visit mychesterfieldschools.com.