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Family and Consumer Science

Grade 6 Family & Consumer Science:

This course encourages students to assume responsibility in their families. Units of study include self-care, home safety, coping with emergencies, communication skills, and relationships. Students will learn kitchen safety and enjoy cooking during food labs. A room care unit will assist students with organizing their personal space. Students will also complete a handmade project. Daily activities emphasize “Life Skill” development

Grade 7 Family & Consumer Science:

This class offers students the opportunity to explore topics for independent living. The students will identify personal and family responsibilities and develop leadership at home, in school, and in our community. They will practice safe and efficient use of kitchen equipment and enjoy eating foods prepared in the home economics kitchen. Students will evaluate their role as young spenders in the market place, becoming better consumers and citizens. A sewing project will also be included.

Grade 8 Personal Development:

This course focuses students on responsible and independent behaviors. Units of study include instruction and activities in managing personal and family responsibilities, developing interpersonal relationships, making individual economic decisions, managing nutrition and health, and planning career goals. Communications and practical problem-solving are emphasized throughout.

Family and Consumer Science teacher: Mrs. Holpe