School Counseling

“During the school closure for Covid-19 precautions, the counselors are not in the building. If you need to speak to your counselor, please email them. They will reach out as soon as possible. Please realize, they are checking their emails between regular school hours.”

If you missed Thursday’s parent link (3/26), please see the letter (front page of website) outlining directions on how to check your student’s courses for the 2020-21 school year. Please submit any change requests through this link – Any requests for changes are due by April 17 at 2pm.

Robious Middle School Community, Educational, and Wellness Resources during Covid-19 Closings

Healthy Activities for Social Distancing

Child Mental Health Resources

Want to sign up for your school counselor? Need to report an unkind incident? Worried about the safety of a classmate?
Please see this link to make an electronic appointment request or report an incident. Please note that these google forms are only monitored during school hours.

Follow us on Instagram at @rms_counseling for important updates.

Summer Opportunities Newsletter.
This will be updated regularly with programs available to our students during summer 2020.


Our commitment is to foster personal growth and to build connections while preparing for tomorrow. We empower all learners to succeed and to serve as part of an inclusive community.

The Robious Middle School Counseling Program:

  • Provides a program based on ASCA National Standards and Virginia State Standards
  • Provides a program planned by the counseling department and stakeholders
  • Combines community resources for program delivery
  • Uses data to drive program development, evaluation, and impact
  • The Robious Middle School Counselors will participate in professional development as well as follow ethical standards.

Each student at middle school is assigned a school counselor to assist them in the transition from elementary school as well as choosing courses and/or applying to specialty centers for high school.

Counselors at Robious Middle School are assigned by grade-level as follows for the 2019-2020 academic year:

Counseling Coordinator – ESL sixth – eighth-grade, Mighty Knights sixth – eighth-grade:  Melanie Smith
Eighth-grade -Mon, Wed, and Fri:  Elizabeth Farner
Eighth-grade -Tues and Thurs:  Martha Turner
Seventh-grade:  Amy Webster
Sixth-grade:  Morgan Thatcher
School Counseling Secretary: Denise Cushman

Important Hotline Numbers:

National Suicide Prevention:  1-888-273-8255
Chesterfield County Crisis Line:  804-748-6356
Virginia Child Abuse Hotline:  1-800-552-7096

Making up work after an absence:

Please contact the main school counseling office at 378-2511 to request work on the third day of a student’s absence. In order to allow teachers enough time, please plan on picking up homework on the 4th day or later.

Phone: 378-2510

Portrait of Counselor

Mrs. Melanie Smith
Counseling Coordinator
ESL 6-8th Grade, Mighty Knights 6-8th Grade
Ext. 6228

Portrait of Ms. Cushma

Mrs. Denise Cushman
School Counseling Secretary/Registrar
Ext. 6225

Portrait of Ms. Farner

Elizabeth Farner
Counseling Coordinator

Portrait of Ms. Thatcher

Mrs. Morgan Thatcher
6th grade
Ext. 6226

Portrait of Mr. Webster

Mrs. Amy Webster
7th grade
Ext. 6229

Classroom Guidance is a developmental program of classes designed to foster students’ academic, career, and personal/social development. Classes are preventative in nature and empower students with self-knowledge, coping strategies, and life skills that will assist them in becoming problem solvers, collaborative workers, and responsible citizens.

Classroom Guidance Lessons:

  • Academic/Career Planning
  • Anti-bullying through Promote Respect
  • Career Exploration
  • Internet Safety
  • Specialty Centers & High School Planning
  • Study Skills

At Robious Middle School we have many school wide programs to reinforce the importance of academics and our core Expectations – Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence.

These include but are not limited to:

  • College & Career Month
  • CARE Assemblies
  • Promote Respect
  • Signs of Suicide – 7th graders
  • Specialty Center Information Night & Prep Sessions

Services of Professional School Counselors include:

  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance
  • Career Exploration
  • Consultation with Parents, Community and Staff
  • Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Programs for Staff, Parents, and Students

Parents may choose to opt their child out of services by sending a letter to the school principal. Small group counseling or ongoing, structured counseling requires parental permission. Parental permission is not required for short duration personal/social counseling.

The school counselors are dedicated to informing and preparing students for the specialty center application process, if this is something they choose to pursue.

Specialty Centers Informational Powerpoint

School counselors will hold prep sessions during round table and lunches on the following topics:

November – Application FAQs, Asking for Teacher Recommendations, Writing A Personal Statement

January – Interview Prep

Dates for each specialty center open house as well as county dates for deadlines, interviews, and testing can be found here.

All applications and recommendation forms can be downloaded directly from this website as well.