First Grade
Language Arts

First-grade students will be immersed in a print-rich environment to develop oral language and reading skills. An emphasis is placed on learning to read and write proficiently. Students are given opportunities to read and write for a variety of purposes on a daily basis. They will develop multiple strategies to read new words and comprehend fiction and nonfiction. All aspects of literacy will be taught through a balanced literacy framework for instruction, enabling all students to become independent and strategic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators.


In first-grade mathematics, students build upon and broaden their mathematical understanding and appreciation. Emphasis is placed upon developing number sense, addition and subtraction, units of measure and time, spatial geometry, money, and estimation. Increased opportunities are provided for students to experience varied problem solving, communicate mathematically, and see the connections between mathematical topics. The 2009 Virginia Standards of Learning for Mathematics provide the foundation for first-grade mathematics.


Throughout the year, first graders have many opportunities to “think like a scientist” and observe the world around them. During the first half of the year, students will learn more about the relationship between the earth and the sun; weather and seasonal changes; and natural resources. The remainder of the year allows students to investigate how substances interact with water through a number of experiments. We also explore force, motion, and the needs and characteristics of plants and animals. Live worms and tree frogs help to enrich our hands-on curriculum. We believe that being immersed in these topics will aid students in better understanding how the world works.

Social Studies

Students in the first grade will learn how to apply the traits of a good citizen and recognize that communities in Virginia are incredibly diverse and have many traditions. We will discuss the importance of volunteering and the roles of local government officials. Students will also construct simple maps and recognize basic map symbols. A number of American leaders and their contributions to our country will be studied. We will explore economic concepts like goods and services, buyers and sellers, and making economic choices. Knowledge and understanding of these topics will surely enhance our children’s world.

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