Our Pre-Kindergarten program at Reams uses curriculum that is based on the Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning. Throughout the year, the children are exposed to a language rich environment with daily hands-on activities, interactive instruction, and differentiated lessons to ensure that all the students succeed and are prepared for kindergarten.

In Pre-Kindergarten the children in our program practice getting along and sharing with others, follow a routine, and learn to express their opinions in a positive way. In language arts they are introduced to all of the upper/lower case letters and sounds by focusing on a letter each week. With the letters, the children begin to write their names and other simple words. In science, the children are engaged in simple experiments and enjoy predicting their outcomes. Math is integrated in all subject areas and the children learn to recognize numbers and shapes, count and sort objects, and do simple addition and subtraction with manipulatives. Finally, to enhance our curriculum, the pre-kindergarteners go on a field trip about once a month during the school year.

PK Teachers
Julie Gordon
Victoria Harris
Valerie Robinson

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