Resource Classes

Every student gets 45 minutes of STEAM instruction a week. STEAM is a multifaceted resource class that encompasses several disciplines. The S stands for science. The T stands for technology the E stands for engineering. The A stands for Art. The M stands for math. 

We spend time exploring all of the aspects of STEAM. You may hear students talking about chain reactions, building a tall tower, or coding with one of our robots. Our goal is to provide students with relevant, real world experiences.

We are trying to build a culture of STEAM here at Reams. Which means students will be asked to solve problems, inquire about science, learn about their interests and discover their passions. Students will have the opportunity to join the STEAM club (K-5) and our Girls Who Code club (3rd-5th).

STEAM Teacher: Rose Holland


Art is a lens that helps connect us and expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Through art we can create opportunities to nurture students’ critical thinking skills, mindfulness abilities and grow their self-expression, as well as, expand their awareness about critical issues happening around them. In Art, students learn interdisciplinary skills that allow students to become active learners in their education and cultivate a love for learning and experimentation. I believe play is a big part of learning and Art! In my art class, we explore mediums and material from a play perspective as well as a project-based curriculum.

Art Teacher: Ava Blakeslee-Carter

Physical Education

At Reams, our PE Program is a mix of skill development, games, knowledge, and overall fitness. Skills such as throwing, catching, dribbling, volleying and kicking are taught along with some others. As much as the focus is on skill development and fitness, there is plenty of focus on character. While RAMS expectations are at the forefront, character traits such as humility, belief, perseverance, effort and toughness are also stressed. Add in a little FUN, and that is how we roll in Reams PE.

P.E. Teacher: Kevin Powell

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