Fifth Grade

The fifth grade curriculum provides our students with the opportunity to explore new concepts, extend and master on-going skills, and prepare for the transition to middle school. Our curriculum is designed to integrate one subject with another and help our students become life-long, self-directed learners.

Language Arts

Language Arts focuses on writing well-composed paragraphs with voice and correct mechanics. The use of complete sentences and figurative language is stressed. Word Study continues with small group examination of word patterns and origins. Reading in the fifth grade focuses on small group guided reading; particularly of non-fiction materials and on helping students choose books that capture their imaginations to instill a love of reading.


The math curriculum for both regular and accelerated classes requires our fifth graders to master not only basic computation with whole numbers, decimals and fractions, but to apply these concepts to real world multi-step problems. Geometry, elementary algebra, and measurement are also key components.


Science is the other SOL tested course in fifth grade. Using hands-on, experiment driven lessons, students learn about cells, sound, ocean environments, light, energy, matter, and rocks.

Social Studies

Finally, social studies provides fifth graders with the opportunity to learn world geography and culture. Cultures, past and present, in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia are studied. Key questions are discussed about our place in the world, and the contributions of many different eras and people to modern society are examined.