Resource Classes

Swift Creek Elementary’s Visual Arts Department is a thriving environment for our students to learn, create, and explore the arts in a variety of experiences.

Our program is committed to keeping the arts real and relevant in daily life by making connections to the world around us and emphasizing the four “C’s” of 21st century learning skills: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

Through our extensive K-5 arts education students build a better understanding of core content while also fostering their independent thinking skills and self confidence.

Please feel free to email Mr. Herd with any questions or for volunteer opportunities in SCES Art.


Music for kindergarten through grade five introduces basic music concepts through singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening. Students will gradually develop their singing voices, a repertoire of songs, and a sense of rhythm beginning with the steady beat and continuing toward complex rhythms and meters. Movement experiences are included as a means of demonstrating an understanding of concepts such as pitch, rhythm, and form. Listening experiences include traditional and contemporary classical works, American folk music, and music of other cultures. Through these experiences, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate and apply an understanding of music concepts.

Physical Education

In the 21st century the importance and value of regular physical activity has been recognized as never before. Childhood is the time to begin the development of active and healthy lifestyles. Children do not automatically develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that lead to regular participation in physical activity – they must be taught.

Physical education provides opportunities for children to develop sports, gymnastics, dance, and wellness skills. It uses a conceptual approach which accommodates individual differences and allows each child to work at his/her own developmental level. Instruction in physical education is an essential element in the development of the whole child. It integrates the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. A learning environment is created where children are encouraged to make decisions and take responsibility for their learning.

Values and Goals of Physical Education:

  • provide a safe and productive learning environment
  • help each child to become a competent and confidant mover
  • help children to value wellness and make informed decisions to create a healthy lifestyle
  • help children understand movement concepts
  • help children develop a rich movement vocabulary
  • allow children to set goals and take an active role in the learning process
  • allow and encourage children to take responsibility for their learning and actions
  • foster creativity and encourage higher level thinking skills and problem-solving
  • encourage children to question and develop critical thinking skills
  • create an environment of unconditional acceptance knowing each child matters
  • teach children to respect, accept and value each others’ differences and themselves
  • help children to work cooperatively together
  • create a fun and exciting learning environment
  • celebrate and encourage the gifts inherent in each child

STEAM can be found in many classrooms at SCES and it is now a resource that students in K-5 get to participate in once a week. STEAM incorporates elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math into authentic lessons that encourage the students to use the design process. The design process begins with asking questions, brainstorming, and planning before building and testing. At the end we talk about improvements and share what we learned from the tasks. A majority of the tasks require the students to work in groups, which provides students with a great opportunity to collaborate, communicate, be creative, think critically and be a Great Gator citizen. Many of the computer standards like digital citizenship, coding, and cyber security are taught in STEAM. It is full STEAM ahead with STEAM at SCES.

Teacher: Mrs. Lott,
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