Working Group #1 – Partnership Between Chesterfield Schools and Chesterfield Police

Working Group #1 Meetings

Objectives and Scope of Work

  1. Current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Chesterfield Schools and Chesterfield Police
  2. School Resource Officers in Chesterfield schools
    • Role of School Resource Officers in schools
    • Cost/Number/Coverage of School Resource Officers in schools
    • School Road Traffic Management (and Parking Lot Traffic Management)
  3. Communications Among Schools and Public Safety (to also include Chesterfield Fire and EMS)
  4. Discussion Regarding Chesterfield Police Protocols for Arrests on School Property—to include discussion of protocol for arrests for off-property behavior

  • Chair: John Erbach (Chesterfield School Board, Dale District)

Staff Facilitators:

  • John Gordon (Chief of Schools)
  • Glen Pike (Safety & Security Assistant Manager)
  • Major Brad Badgerow (Chesterfield Police)


  • Matthew Botset (Bermuda District)
  • Lisa Madison (Bermuda District)
  • Katrina Goodman (Clover Hill District)
  • David Necessary (Clover Hill District)
  • Melvin Diaz (Dale District)
  • Nicole Wilcox (Dale District)
  • Dave McCoy (Matoaca District)
  • Ron White (Matoaca District)
  • Mona Siddiqui (Midlothian District)
  • Michael Young (Midlothian District)
  • Chris Winslow (Task Force Member)
  • Senator Rosalyn Dance (Task Force Member)
  • William Davenport (Task Force Member)
  • Colonel Jeffrey Katz (Task Force Member)
  • Dr. John Deitrick (Task Force Member)
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