Working Group #3 – Student Conduct and Student Discipline

Objectives and Scope of Work

  1. Chesterfield Schools Code of Student Conduct
  2. Required By Law Reporting to Law Enforcement
  3. Student Disciplinary Actions and Discipline Disparities
  4. Alternative Approaches/Education for Student Discipline
  5. Bullying Prevention—to include cyber bullying prevention

  • Chair: Rob Thompson (Chesterfield School Board, Matoaca District)

Staff Facilitators:

  • Chad Knowles (Constituent Services and Student Leadership Coordinator)
  • Ted Reynolds (Student Conduct/Intervention & Response Specialist)
  • Lt. Jason Seamster (Chesterfield Police)


  • Carrie Aus (Bermuda District)
  • Howard Corey (Bermuda District)
  • Ronald Hall (Clover Hill District)
  • Donald Skeen (Clover Hill District)
  • Orlando Allen (Dale District)
  • Holly Oehrlein (Dale District)
  • Tina Lao (Matoaca District)
  • James Nankervis (Matoaca District)
  • Gena Reeder (Midlothian District)
  • John Witherspoon (Midlothian District)
  • Delegate Roxann Robinson (Task Force Member)
  • John Murray (Task Force Member)
  • Lisa Mansfield (Task Force Member)
  • Stacey Haney (Task Force Member)
  • Danielle Pierce (Task Force Member)
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