Working Group #4 – Student Support Services

Objectives and Scope of Work

  1. Role of School Division Personnel (school counselors, psychologists and social workers)
  2. Partnership with Chesterfield County—to include Chesterfield County Mental Health, Chesterfield County Social Services, Community Services Board
  3. Suicide Awareness and Prevention Efforts
  4. Drugs in School and Opioid Crisis—to include discussion regarding school curriculum in Virginia Beach Schools
  5. Online Safety and Cybersecurity/Privacy

  • Chair: Carrie Coyner (Chesterfield School Board, Bermuda District)

Staff Facilitators

  • Bryan Carr (Counseling Coordinator)
  • Hope Murphy (Social Worker Coordinator)
  • Lisa Micou (Intervention and Training Specialist for Social Emotional Learning)


  • NP Lundy (Bermuda District)
  • Dawn Williamson (Bermuda District)
  • Jana Kline (Clover Hill District)
  • Marianne Feeney (Clover Hill District)
  • Leslie Bowman (Dale District)
  • Melanie Mitchell (Dale District)
  • Erin Clark (Matoaca District)
  • James Copp (Matoaca District)
  • Ashley Mannel (Midlothian District)
  • Odette Ovies (Midlothian District)
  • Sheriff Karl Leonard (Task Force Member)
  • Dr. Joe Casey (Task Force Member)
  • Debbie Burcham (Task Force Member)
  • Jennifer Deckert (Task Force Member)
  • Bob Innes (Task Force Member)
  • Pam Welch (Task Force Member)
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