School division seeks Principal for a Morning participants

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Seeking to create and sustain additional partnerships that support students and staff members while fostering a deeper understanding of 21st century public education, Chesterfield County Public Schools will host a Principal for a Morning event on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

Members of the local business community, community and civic leaders, and faith community leaders are invited to participate in this community engagement project. These community partners will have a firsthand look at public education by connecting with principals, teachers, staff members and students in their neighborhood schools.

Programs like this assist in fostering beneficial partnerships between individual schools and local businesses and organizations. Moreover, it allows local leaders to spend time in our schools seeing our innovative classrooms and practices. By shadowing a principal for a morning, community leaders will gain insight into what a principal experiences during a typical day by observing and participating in many varied school activities.

Through this opportunity, Chesterfield County Public Schools will

provide citizens with an opportunity to see a live school environment and explain public education in the 21st century.
showcase increasing diversity in schools with a discussion about supports and resources required to equitably meet the needs of all students.
build new partnerships or enhance existing ones.

Many of our schools have engaged in this program in previous years, and both community leaders and principals gained valuable knowledge from the experience. Our goal is for businesses, faith based leaders, and community leaders to learn firsthand from principals, teachers, staff members and students all of the great things that happen in our schools.

For more information, contact Dr. Patrick Held (804) 639-8741 in the office of Family and Community Engagement.

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