Virtual Learning Academy

The Virtual Learning Academy offers students in K-8 an opportunity to attend school virtually.

How it works

Students will learn synchronously online from home or another place of their choosing. They will work with a licensed CCPS teacher who may not be a teacher from their home school, and they will likely be in a virtual classroom with students from other schools. 

The school day will follow the traditional school day schedule with core courses and resource classes, as well as tiered student supports. Specialized programs may not be available.

Families will decide to enroll in the Virtual Academy for just the first semester or the entire school year.

Moving from Virtual to In-person Instruction

Students who enrolled in the K-8 Virtual Learning Academy may request to return back to their school of residence for in-person learning at any time. Once in receipt of the request, the Virtual Learning Academy will send all progress and grade related information to the school of residence. The school of residence will determine and communicate the start date for in-person instruction with the family.

Moving from In-person to Virtual Instruction

Students attending their school of residence may choose to switch to virtual learning by requesting enrollment in the K-8 Virtual Learning Academy. Acceptance into the Virtual Learning Academy is based on class size and space availability within established classes. Students will continue to be served by the school of residence and current teacher of record until accepted into the K-8 Virtual Learning Academy.

Dr. Bruce Fillman
Principal Virtual Learning Academy

Dr. Bruce A. Fillman is the administrator of the Virtual learning Academy. After attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Education, a minor in music, and a commission into the United States Army Reserve, he moved to Virginia, where he taught fourth grade in Richmond City Public Schools. Upon completing his second year of teaching, he was deployed to the Middle East as a logistics officer in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Returning from deployment, he joined Chesterfield County Public Schools as a teacher at Bon Air Elementary School and earned a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University. He was appointed the assistant principal at Swift Creek Elementary School in 2011 and became principal of J. G. Hening Elementary in 2015. In 2020, he completed his Doctor of Philosophy in the Educational Leadership, Policy, and Justice track at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020. Dr. Fillman has worked on various district and regional committees, to include policy review committees, the Metropolitan Education Research Consortium, and district level equity committees as well as various other committees. Dr. Fillman believes that learning does not begin or end within the walls of a school, but that learning occurs within each child’s community. This belief necessitates the importance of community partnership to provide the education that our children deserve and need to be successful.


CCPSonline offers virtual options for students in grades 9 – 12.

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