Swift Creek Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools


Grade 6:

Students will engage in activities designed to develop visual memory through observation of their world. Art as a communication skill and means of personal expression will be explored in projects ranging from drawing to painting to design. Skills in drawing and craftsmanship will be developed through a comprehensive process of creating artwork and the study of masterworks.

Grade 7:

Art is a way to express yourself, to excite your individual imagination. Drawing is a curious process, so intertwined with seeing that the two cannot be separated. If you can see and you practice the art of observance, you can draw. The tools are at your fingertips. In art 7, we will change the way of looking at things and learn how to see.

Grade 8:

Students will increase their individual competency in drawing through a comprehensive set of skills. Using the elements and principles of design, students will enhance their knowledge base while exploring in-depth the art of portraiture.

Career development and an exploration of the fine arts will be the primary focus throughout the course. Students will be able to create both two and three-dimensional works of art.