Swift Creek Middle School

Chesterfield County Public Schools

Language Arts

In Middle School Language Arts, we foster independent learning. Students are encouraged to ask critical questions and research to discover their own answers.

In writing instruction, we will focus on the 6 Writing Traits which are:

  • ideas
  • organization
  • voice
  • word choice
  • sentence fluency
  • conventions

Students will learn the following reading strategies:

  • activating prior knowledge
  • understanding text structure
  • predicting
  • visualizing
  • clarifying
  • connecting to text
  • summarizing
  • monitoring their own comprehension (meta-cognition)

Students will be given time for their own Self-Selected Reading (SSR). Teachers will model for students how to properly select books to match their interest and reading level. The SSR time is a chance for students to practice the reading skills taught during guided instructional time. There will also be block of guided instruction for reading, writing and word knowledge. Our goal is to create critical thinkers and independent learners.