Fourth Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Fourth Grade is the first of the intermediate grades. The behavioral and academic requirements take another step up as the children are expected to think and be responsible for themselves. Self-control is stressed as the children learn to monitor their own behaviors. Teachers expect 4th graders to take more responsibility for their education by asking questions when they do not understand something and by devising strategies for learning that works best for them.

Language Arts

All aspects of literacy will be taught through a balanced literacy framework for instruction, enabling all students to become independent and strategic readers, writers, thinkers and communicators. They will continue to develop an appreciation for literature by reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction selections across content areas. Students will increase communication skills by participating in a variety of learning experiences and will use online, print and media resources to prepare presentations.


In writing, students will plan, draft, revise and edit their writing to describe, to entertain, and to explain. Their detailed sentences consist of strong verbs, adjectives and adverbs while also applying correct spelling and grammar skills. Students will write with voice and expression and will continue to build their writing on a focused idea with a strong beginning, middle, and end.


Fourth graders will work towards being able to multiply a 3 digit number by a 2 digit number, divide a 4 digit number by a one digit number, and add and subtract decimals and fractions with different denominators. There are also many measurement and geometry skills to master. Multi-step problem solving and fact fluency will continue to be a daily skill practiced.


Fourth graders explore Scientific Investigation, ecosystems, electricity, space, weather, force and motion. This material is included on the 5th-grade Science SOL.

Social Studies

Fourth graders take a whirlwind trip through the history of Virginia. From 1607 when the Charters were written to establish Jamestown, through the Revolutionary and Civil War, Reconstruction, and Civil Rights, up to modern day government. There is much to learn as we discover where we came from! 4th graders will take the Virginia Studies SOL test in the spring.

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