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Last NameFirst NameGrade Level or SubjectEmail prefix
Anderson Melissa 3rd grade melissab_anderson
Becker Alison 2nd grade alison_zook
Blomquist Meredith 2nd grade meredith_blomquist
Booth Monique Administration - Principal monique_booth
Bowers Kimberly Exceptional Education kimberly_bowers
Brandl Deborah Instructional Support- Exceptional Education deborah_brandl
Burton Richard ESOL richard_burton
Cash Karen Office Manager karen_cash
Castle Heidi Instructional Support- Exceptional Education heidi_castle
Childs Tyler Exceptional Education- ASOL tyler_childs
Clements Shannon 3rd grade shannon_clements
Crum Amy Coordinator of Special Education amy_crum
Cuddihy Ann Cafeteria Manager mary_cuddihy
Daniel Amy Kindergarten amy_daniel
Daves Sadie Instructional Support- Exceptional Education sadie_daves
Davis Jacquelyn Kindergarten jacquelyn_davis
Dysart Laura Resource-Library Assistant laura_dysart
Elwell Laurie 4th grade laurie_elwell
Gallion Brooke 3rd grade brooke_gallion
Gin Melanie 4th grade melanie_gin
Grier Layton Counselor layton_grier
Grogan Korin Exceptional Education- ASOL
Harrell Jo Clinic Nurse
Harris Kameren Exceptional Education kameren_harris
Hart Lynne Math- Title 1 lynne_hart
Hess Tracey Office Secretary tracey_hess
Hicks Paul 5th grade paul_hicks
Holland Rose 2nd grade rose_holland
Holt Amanda Math- Title 1 amanda_holt
Hoover Karen Reading Specialist karen_hoover
Jablonski Erin Resource - P.E erin_jablonski
Jackson Christine Exceptional Education christine_jackson
Jennings Sarah Kindergarten sarah_jennings
Jones Connie Custodial Staff connie_jones
Jones Tashauna Clinic Assistant
Kane Kimberly 1st grade kimberly_kane
Kestyn Kimberly Exceptional Education kimberly_kestyn
Kotasek Lisa Exceptional Education - Speech lisa_kotasek
Leinberger Katherine 1st grade katherine_leinberger
Life Nancy Office Secretary nancy_life
Loy-Anderson Dana 5th grade dana_loy
Mathias Elizabeth Psychologist elizabeth_mathias
McCracken Emily Administration- Assistant Principal emily_mccracken
Miles Michelle Reading- Title 1 michelle_miles
Morris Sarah 4th grade sarah_morris
Morton Natalie Instructional Support- Exceptional Education natalie_morton
Norwood Anna Exceptional Education- Speech
Ogier Erika Resource- Art erika_ogier
Paul Christina 1st grade christina_paul
Possumato Alyssa Pre Kindergarten Instructional Support alyssa_possumato
Price Ted Social Worker ted_price
Radt Laura 2nd grade laura_radt
Randolph Soni 4th grade soni_randolph
Rashid Somia ESOL somia_rashid
Reaves Jessica Reading- Title 1 jessica_reaves
Reddy Mollie 5th grade mollie_reddy
Rock Mahindra Instructional Designer mahindra_rock
Rowe Carolyn Instructional Support carolyn_rowe
Sagal Katrina Kindergarten katrina_sagal
Sanchez Maria 3rd grade maria_sanchez
Saul Douglas Resource - PE douglas_saul
Saul Jesse 3rd grade jesse_saul
Sheetz Nancy Pre Kindergarten nancy_sheetz
Sheetz Bryan Resource - Music bryan_sheetz
Shultz Allison Exceptional Education allison_shultz
Taylor Sabrina 2nd grade sabrina_taylor
Thomas-Brown Janta 4th grade janta_thomasbrown
Tinsley Rebecca 5th grade rebecca_tinsley
True Melissa 1st grade melissa_true
Urban Melissa Resource - Library melissa_urban
Walters Brian Wellness Integrator brian_walters
Watford Norman Custodial Staff norman_watford
Whalen Katherine 5th grade katherinea_scott
Williams Gloria Instructional Support gloria_williams