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March 2021

Week 24: 3.1.21

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Happy Sunday, Seahawk Families! It’s Principal Knight with your weekly Seahawk Playbook. Welcome to Week 24 of the school year.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Here’s What’s Happening in Seahawk News This Week:

1.  Hybrid learning resumes on March 9th.  All scheduled in-person learners will join us then.  Please review our SMS Parent Guide to Hybrid Learning for important details.  

2.  Because we will have in-person learning resuming for some, we are excited to announce our school-based recycling program. The Salem Recycling Club and they need your help!  We have accepted the challenge and are participating in the Beyond the Bag challenge.  You can help by collecting the following items and dropping them off at school on designated dates: (first dates are March 22nd – 25th)

Here is a link for more information about the program: Trex Recycling Programs  

  • grocery bags
  • bread bags
  • dry cleaning bags  
  • newspaper sleeves
  • ice bags
  • wood pellet bags
  • ziplock & other re-sealable bags
  •  produce bags
  • bubble wrap
  • cereal bags

In addition to the Trex “Beyond the Bag” challenge, we are also collecting pop tabs from cans for the Ronald McDonald House. They can be dropped off to school at the same time as the plastic. For those who are returning to in-person learning, there will be 3 white collection bins located throughout the school for their convenience.

3.  Families of children enrolled in public schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia and community members are invited to attend a series of informational sessions on the Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative (VMPI). VMPI is a joint initiative between the Virginia Department of Education, the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia, and the Virginia Community College System. The initiative seeks to redefine mathematics course options for students in the Commonwealth in order to ensure that the mathematics in which students are engaging is relevant to their postsecondary aspirations.  The committee is hosting a series of informational sessions meant to talk about VMPI, with Virginia families, students and community members . These sessions will provide the opportunity to answer questions about the initiative.

If interested in participating, please click the link here for more information.

Reminder news: 

  • Course Request Reminders 

Hello Parents of our 6th and 7th Grade Seahawks! Our counselors have wrapped up student course scheduling.  If you notice any errors or concerns, you may reach out to your grade level counselor prior to April 1 to request changes.  However please note that no course request changes can be made after April 1, 2021. Counselors are busy working with students who were absent the day of their scheduling lesson, so if that is your student, their counselor should be in touch soon. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Ms. Collins at for current 6th grade students or Ms. Dabrowski at for current 7th grade students.

  • As middle schools prepare for our students to return to in-person learning on March 9, the Middle School Athletic Council has begun preparations for some athletics and extracurricular activities. In order to be eligible for an athletic activity, students must have a valid VHSL physical, dated after May 1, 2020, and a signed concussion awareness sheet.  Students enrolled in any of the learning options, in-person, virtual, or CCPSOnline, will be eligible to participate. Students must be currently enrolled in at least 5 courses and must have passed at least 5 courses from the first semester to be eligible. More information will be provided next week.

Save the Dates:

  • March 8th is an asynchronous learning day
  • March 9th Hybrid learning resumes, all scheduled in-person learners return to school

Other Important Links

SMS Absence Reporting Form or email our Attendance Secretary at


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