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Lopes Brittany Admin - Assistant Principal Brittany_Lopes
Mason Vanita Admin-Assistant Principal Vanita_Mason
Ferguson Jon Admin- Dean of Students Jon_Ferguson
Knight La’Shante Admin-Principal Lashante_Knight
Evans Donna Attendance donna_evans
Paxton Dean Building Operations Supervisor Dean_Paxton
Wells Cynthia Clinic Assistant Cynthia_Wells
Fitch Julia Coordinator of Special Education Julia_Fitch
Wells Colin Deaf/Hard of Hearing Collin_Wells
Youman Jenny Elective - Chinese Jenny_Youman
Kuper Amber Electives-Art Amber_Kuper
Stevens Renee Electives-Avid Carolyn_Stevens
Person Bruce Electives-Band Bruce_Person
English Courtney Electives-Chorus Courtney_English
Fayman Pamela Electives-Computer Pamela_Fayman
Gliszczynski Kasey Electives - Drama Kasey_Gliszczynski
Yurick Margaret Electives-Family and Consumer Science Margaret_Yurick
Milan Resto Jossiemar Elective - Spanish Jossiemar_MilanResto
Wilkins Kelsi Electives-Success Kelsi_Wilkins
Collins Eric Elective - Visual Arts Eric_Collins
Amos Karen English Karen_Amos
Cougot Evan English Evan_Cougot
Doherty Rebecca English Rebecca_Doherty
Feldmann Matthew English Matthew_Feldmann
Fone Shana English Shana_Fone
Koenig Marsha English Marsha_Koenig
Maloney Anishka English Anishka_Maloney
Moon Erin English Erin_Moon
Salyards Lindsay English Lindsay_Salyards
Tuck Tamara English Tamara_Tuck
Wilcox Rachel English Rachelm_Hudson
Moore Diane English - Read 180 Diane_Moore
Brown Alex ESOL Alex_Brown
Cleveland Carey ESOL Carey_Cleveland
Coates Lisa Exceptional Education Lisa_Coates
Comer Bernard Exceptional Education Bernard_Comer
Dowdy Ivy Exceptional Education Ivy_Dowdy
Firman Payne Danielle Exceptional Education Danielle_FirmanPayne
Jackson Elizabeth Exceptional Education Elizabeth_Jackson
Jones Chelsea Exceptional Education Chelsea_Jones
Wilkinson Linwood Exceptional Education Linwood_Wilkinson
Band Beth Exceptional Education-Autism Beth_Band
Pifer Ian Exceptional Education-Autism Ian_Pifer
Hairston Shannon Exceptional Education-MiMD Shannon_Hairston
Compton Rachel Fiscal Technician III Rachel_Compton
Osorio Carolina Front Office Assistant Carolina_Osorio
Barber Cynthia History Cynthia_Barber
Catrambone Miriam History Miriam_Catrambone
Duffy Matthew History Matthew_Duffy
Gossler Stuart History
Harter Ryan History Ryan_Harter
Nester Craig History Craig_Nester
Daniels Natalie In-School Detention Monitor Natalie_Daniels
Caraballo Lasondya Instructional Assistant Lasondya_Caraballo
Davis Shanika Instructional Assistant Shanika_Davis
Drumheller Connie Instructional Assistant Connie_Drumheller
Friend Sophia Instructional Assistant Sophia_Friend
Glover Jamilia Instructional Assistant Jamilia_Glover
Jenkins Eileen Instructional Assistant Eileen_Jenkins
Norfleet Nancy Instructional Assistant Nancy_Norfleet
Thompson Tiffany Instructional Assistant Tiffany_Thompson
Walton Ronald Instructional Assistant Ronald_Walton
Acker Thomas Instructional Technology Integrator Thomas_Acker
Drilling Maggie Interpreter Maggie_Drilling
Allen Christine Library Christine_Allen
Martin Carolyn Library Carolyn_Martin
Baillie Laiken Math Laiken_Baillie
Blankenship Michael Math Michael_Blankenship
Christopherson Marie Math Marie_Christopherson
Day Jessica Math Jessica_Day
Hale Amanda Math Amanda_Hale
Midgette Sherrilynn Math Sherrilynn_Midgette
Owens Emily Math Emily_Owens
Perkins Tanner Math Tanner_Perkins
Reid Lakeisha Math Lakeisha_Reid
Sikes Katherine Math Katherine_Sikes
Aster Jan Occupational Therapist Jan_Aster
Faber Wanda Officer Manager Wanda_Faber
Byers Jennifer PE Jennifer_Byers
Healy Kevin PE Kevin_Healy
Stewart David PE David_Stewart
Wamsley Elizabeth PE Elizabeth_Wamsley
Zamparello Courtney PE Courtney_Zamparello
Hixson Traci School Counseling Coordinator Traci_Hixson
Brazee Wanda School Counseling Technician Wanda_Brazee
Collins Lindsey School Counselor lindsey_collins
Dabrowski Erin School Counselor Erinm_Dabrowski
Evans Cutina School Psychologist Cutina_Evans
Dodd Holly Science Holly_Dodd
Grubbs Faith Science Faith_Grubbs
Johnson Reagan Science Reagan_Johnson
Lindsay Sara Science Sara_Lindsay
Spacek Shannon Science Shannon_Spacek
Saunders Sherrie Secretary Sherrie_Saunders
Price Ted Social Work Ted_Price
Baggett Patricia Speech Patricia_Baggett
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