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Art: In Salem Church Art Courses, students will explore, analyze, and investigate as they create works of art. Using The Elements and Principles of Design, students solve design problems using traditional and contemporary art media. Students will use steps of the design process and positive studio habits in the creation of works of art.  Through written and verbal critiques, and expanded vocabulary; they develop an understanding of subject, theme and symbols in works of art. Art as a communication, skill and a means of personal expression will be explored. Students increase knowledge of the visual arts in relation to history and culture. While developing these skills, they will analyze and interpret the meaning in works of art. Students develop an increased awareness of the nature of art and of their relationship to it as they explore the meaning and value of works of art. Our courses will be filled with projects and activities that will boost your critical thinking habits, improve your collaborative participation, grow your creativity and develop your communication skills through writing and talking about art. 

Update teacher to:  Emma Wiberg

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