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At Salem Middle, our drama students will learn how to speak more fluently and comfortably in front of an audience of people, they will gain stage presence, learn to read and write scripts, perform scenes from their own creation all the way up to Shakespeare himself. Students in our drama classes will learn how to perform roles from scripts, create their own, as well as gain valuable backstage skills. At Salem, we also offer opportunities in our classes to learn about design elements such as sound design, lighting design, set design and costume design!

Our 6th grade drama class offers an introduction to basic activities in drama such as pantomime, improvisation, creating a character, role playing, and script reading. Opportunities to participate in classroom presentations improve imagination, movement, and verbal skills.

Our 7th grade drama class focuses on communication skills learned through pantomime, dialogue writing, memorization of written material, speech making, and oral reading. Improvisation and role-playing emphasize concentration and other skills that help students gain self-confidence.

Our 8th grade drama class is designed to give students intense work in pantomime, improvisation, stage geography, character development, and vocal projections and expressiveness. Students will be involved in a stage production and various public speaking activities.

All students are always welcome and encouraged to audition for our school productions. Students do not need to be enrolled in the class in order to be cast in a production, though it is encouraged.

All Speech & Drama classes are taught by Mrs. Gliszczynski – Life

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