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World Languages

Spanish 1 & 2

This academic elective focuses on Interpersonal Speaking and Writing, Interpretive Reading and Listening, and Presentational Speaking and Writing in Spanish. Successful students will exit the course with a Novice-Mid Proficiency level on the ACTFL scale in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. As much as possible, the class is conducted in Spanish. Students will increase their cultural awareness through various thematic units; i.e. school, family, pastimes, and friends. The use of technology is encouraged to implement and enhance the students’ studies. This course will require nightly homework, ongoing studying, memorization, and practice in order to build the foundation necessary to succeed.

Mandarin Chinese

Students will gain a rich cultural and linguistic exposure through the learning path of speaking and writing Chinese. It is a high-school level course. Students who successfully receive a passing grade of a C or higher (70+) will earn 1 high-school credit.

Chinese is a language that will open doors for you. It allows learners to connect with abundant resources and develop strength in cultural connections on a much more personal and meaningful level. Our course focus is on Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing for beginner level.


  • No previous experience in Chinese is required.
  • Subjects include:
  • Establishing personal profile in both oral and written skills.
  • Beginner level to communicate successfully, share and inquire information with friends and family.
  • Social studies aspect cover building community, food and travel, history and 21st-century skills.
  • Cultural studies explore arts, calligraphy and holiday traditions.
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