SOL pass rates meet or exceed state averages; work expected to result in full accreditation for division

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Chesterfield County Public Schools students continue to meet or exceed Virginia performance levels on state-mandated Standards of Learning tests, according to the latest data released by the Virginia Department of Education. Chesterfield County students topped state pass rates in reading, math and science, while meeting performance averages in writing and history.

Students in Chesterfield County scored 3 percentage points higher in math and 2 percentage points higher in reading tests administered during the 2017-18 school year. Science scores in Chesterfield County topped state averages by 1 percentage point as well.

SOL pass rates help determine accreditation ratings issued in September by the Virginia Department of Education. According to a report provided to the School Board at its Aug. 14 business meeting, all Chesterfield County schools are expected to be fully accredited for the first time since the 2012-13 school year.

Here are this year’s SOL pass rates for Chesterfield County compared to state averages:

Test CCPS Virginia
Reading 81 79
Math 80 77
History/Social Science 84 84
Science 82 81
Writing 78 78


As the school division continues to shift its focus toward student academic growth over the course of a year, instead of one-time proficiency on a test, overall Chesterfield County pass rates on state-mandated Standards of Learning tests changed little during the 2017-18 school year.

“We measure our work to prepare Chesterfield County students with skill sets necessary to experience success after high school through a variety of ways,” School Board Chair John M. Erbach said. “These measurements include but are not limited to SOL results. We believe test scores are just one indicator of how well a student is performing in school. We encourage parents to consider this as they review their students’ progress over the course of a year.”

“As we continue to focus on providing equitable services to all students and differentiating instruction to support all learners, the School Board and I are excited about the academic and social development we saw in classrooms this year,” Interim Superintendent Donald R. Fairheart added. “Implementation of the School Board’s new strategic plan, Imagine Tomorrow, will help create classrooms of the future that feature hands-on, authentic lessons that prepare students for success. Using technology, project-based learning opportunities and work-related skills such as collaboration, creativity and effective communication, we will equip students with the skills necessary to solve problems as they master curriculum. In doing so, we will empower students to take ownership of their learning, make school  fun again and take the focus away from teaching to a test.”