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Fifth Grade
This year in 5th grade, students will be the leaders of their school. Much emphasis is placed on our core values of respect, honesty, accountability and responsibility.  Fifth graders are expected to model these values to the lower grades.  As fifth graders, students are learning to become more independent and take on more responsibilities.  They may become involved with safety patrol, Husky News, Husky Store, delivering Husky Mail and participating on the Battle of the Books team.  Becoming a self-directed learner is important in the fifth grade as students prepare to enter middle school.  They are expected to keep up with homework, projects and other assignments.  Fifth grade is an exciting journey filled with excitement and passion for learning!
Reading Workshop is incorporated in the 5th grade classroom to assist students in becoming independent readers who enjoy quality literature.  Students are taught how to choose a “just right” book for them and are exposed to different genres through the teaching of mini lessons.  A comprehensive review of the reading strategies are elaborated throughout the year.  A balanced literacy program is utilized so students are showing comprehension of the novels read. Read alouds are also incorporated in the 5th grade reading for students to experience quality reading being modeled with discussions of the literary elements.
Writing workshop is incorporated in the 5th grade classroom to encourage lifelong writers.  Grammar is reviewed daily to assist students in becoming effective writers.  Additionally, students are given  writing prompts  conference with the teacher for more individualized instruction.   Additionally, mini lessons on organization, word choice, and voice are a few of the writing traits to aid students in learning the importance of engaging readers.

Students are engaged in problem solving with more rigor and relevance.  Constant reviewing is conducted in the classroom to assist students in the vast amount of material covered throughout the year.  Expectations include knowing their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts prior to entering 5th grade.  With the county promoting more rigor and relevance in the classroom, students are exposed to Pre-Algebra material along with 21st Century thinking skills.  Daily homework is given to assist students to independently practice concepts taught in class.

Fifth Grade Accelerated Mathematics

Basic skills that students will have learned will be extended.  Students explore the following : geometry, measurement, statistics, probability, patterns and functions and number theory.  An introduction to algebraic symbolism will prepare students for pre-algebra.  All sixth grade standards of learning will be covered and students will take a sixth grade math SOL test at the end of the year.


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Social Studies

Students in 5th grade explore World Studies during the course of the year.  This is a bridge between the study of ancient civilizations in second and third grade and world history courses in high school.  Students study North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  Exploring geographical regions of these continents and studying the history and culture of each continent helps build cultural awareness.  We focus on critical thinking and research skills.