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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade is a wonderful year full of exploration and growth. Students are given more independence and responsibility as they begin their preparation for middle school.  They will switch classes for Math, Social Studies, and Science.  This year we will take many concepts and skills that were introduced in Third Grade and expand on them through increasing rigor and relevance.

Language Arts

Fourth grade students will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction literature and will apply a variety of reading comprehension strategies to enhance understanding in all content areas.  Students will continue to increase communication skills in large and small group settings.  In addition, students will plan, draft, revise, and edit narratives and explanations and will routinely use information resources and word references while writing.  All aspects of literacy will be taught through a balanced literacy framework for instruction, enabling all students to become independent and strategic readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators.  Students will also be involved in Word Study throughout the year where they will be working on their developmental level.  The study of spelling patterns will help to build fluency in Reading and Writing.


Fourth grade Mathematics provides students with many opportunities to engage in experiences involving problem solving, data collection and analysis, and algebraic thinking.  Major topics included in the course of study are double-digit multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and geometry.  The Virginia Standards of Learning provide the foundation for fourth grade Mathematics.

Accelerated Math

In Fourth Grade Accelerated Mathematics, problem-solving strategies, logical reasoning skills, and algebraic thinking skills continue to be developed and refined.  Extensive work with computation with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions is included. Additionally, students explore topics in measurement, geometry, data analysis, and probability.  All Fourth Grade and most Fifth Grade Virginia Mathematics Standards of Learning (2009) are included in this course.


Fourth grade has a very hands on science curriculum with emphasis on thinking like a scientist throughout the whole year using scientific investigation.  Fourth graders will be learning about the basic plant anatomy, animal adaptations and ecosystems, weather, force energy and motion, electricity, Earth moon and sun relationships, and Virginia’s natural resources.  During the year students will even get to feed our pet anoles as they study their habits and niches.  Students will make their own electromagnet, meet real meteorologists, and dream about future space explorations.

VA Studies

Moving from the study of ancient civilizations, the fourth grade students will study the state of Virginia beginning with the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown to the end of the Twentieth Century.  Students will explore how the geography of Virginia and the state’s resources, its economic systems, and cultural makeup have influenced Virginia history from pre-colonial times to the end of the Twentieth Century.  Reading and writing about famous Virginians and studying important historical documents and events that have influenced Virginia history will prepare students to develop problem solving and decision making skills.