Kindergarten is a fantastic year of both social and academic growth. They will learn to be scientists and explore the world around them in new ways using 21st century skills. They will be map makers and historians with knowledge of what it means to be a good citizen and learn about many of the people who have contributed to America’s history. Students will complete Kindergarten with well-developed number sense and will have explored the concepts of money, time, patterns, and geometry. The kindergarten year lays the foundation for future success in all aspects of life. We work hard to develop our student’s sense of wonder and excitement about the world.


Kindergarten students are immersed in a text-rich environment to develop phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and an appreciation for reading. Students will learn to comprehend and think creatively as they relate stories through drama, retelling, drawing and their own writing. Teachers encourage the development of reading skills that are foundational to effective comprehension and critical thinking.


Students will build a connection between oral and written language. Awareness that spoken language can be written and written language can be read is a fundamental concept in communicating ideas. Teachers encourage development of writing skills that are foundational to effective written communication and critical thinking.


Kindergarten mathematics places emphasis on developing the concept of number by counting, combining, sorting and comparing sets of objects. Students will recognize, describe and create patterns and recognize shapes and sizes of figures and objects. Students investigate measurement through direct comparisons, collect data and create graphs.


Students use their senses to make observations of the characteristics and interactions of objects in their world. Topics include: the characteristics of water, the basic needs of living things, relationships between the sun and Earth through shadows and weather, changes in motion, scientific process skills and the design process.

Social Studies

Kindergarten social studies focuses on the local community and includes an introduction to basic history and social science skills. Students learn about their community, including basic concepts related to history, patriotism, national symbols, good citizenship, geographic location, economics and the importance of following rules and respecting the rights and property of other people.

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