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Third Grade
Third grade is a transition grade.  Children are strengthening their reading skills and beginning to work more independently.  Curriculum is rigorous and children begin to make connections between content areas.  Assignments are more complicated and focus on discovery and making inferences.
Language Arts
Children are taught to use strategies that good readers automatically do: predicting, visualizing, fix-up strategies, connections and inferences.  Children read and discuss on their reading level to assure success and growth.  Connections are made between their experiences and the world.  Cross curriculum lessons are also incorporated.  Our reading program is published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill.  We use Words Their Way for our spelling/phonetic skills.  The writing focus in 3rd grade is the descriptive paragraph, writing a friendly letter, and story writing through a writer’s workshop approach.

Students are involved in discovery and conceptual learning.  Math is more challenging focusing on real life situations and multi-stepped thinking.  The year includes graphing, review of addition and subtraction facts as well as place value.  Place value expands into six digit numbers.  We will then move to addition/subtraction of larger numbers.  Students will learn their multiplication and division facts through understanding of arrays and patterns, we will move up to work with three digit numbers.  Units also include measurement, time and money, fractions, geometry and their connections to other content areas.  


Science investigations become more rigorous.  We will be using a “hands-on” science curriculum and problem-based learning activities.  Emphasis is on environments, nature and global relationships.  Units of study:  Soil, Weathering, Matter, Animals and Earth/Moon patterns.  Review of materials taught in K – 2 will be ongoing.

Social Studies

We move at a brisk pace utilizing interactive notebooks and problem based learning units.  The focus is to help students understand their environment and the world of interdependence, diversity and global relationships.  The units of study are:  Geography/map skills, The Ancients (Greece, Rome and Mali), Explorers, Civics, and Economics.  Review of materials taught in K – 2 will be ongoing.


Often the biggest change for third graders is having homework every night and in several subject areas.  The students are required to keep an assignment notebook. They should spend approximately 30 minutes to an hour a night on homework.  Time may vary depending on the amount of work or how quickly a child works.  Parent help and communication is encouraged.