Volunteers are welcome everyday at Spring Run.  We value and encourage the involvement of parents in our school. Below are a few examples of opportunities for volunteering.  If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact the school office, your child’s teacher.  Also please fill out the volunteer application below.

Classroom Volunteers

Classroom volunteers assist teachers with tasks such as listening to students read, working with small groups of children, putting up bulletin boards, etc.

Copy Room Volunteers

Volunteers assist by running copies of classroom materials for teachers.

Cafeteria Volunteers

Cafeteria volunteers assist students with opening containers and obtaining utensils, etc.

Library Volunteers

Volunteers assist with shelving books and clerical duties.

Become a CCPS champion

There are many ways to support Chesterfield County Public Schools as a volunteer or partner, and we encourage you to share your time and talents. Whether you are looking for ways to contribute as an individual, via an organization or through a donation, we are always seeking champions to support our students and schools. CCPS volunteers support student wellbeing, promote literacy, support classroom innovation and help grow life-ready graduates. We are always better together.

How it works

Chesterfield schools have many volunteer opportunities available, both in-person and virtual. Most volunteers must complete an application which goes through a central approval process that includes a background check. This could take 2-4 weeks, so be sure to allow ample time for your application to be reviewed before you plan to volunteer.

You must submit an application if you plan to:

  • Chaperone a field trip 
  • Advise a club or sports team 
  • Participate in mentor groups 
  • Work with students unsupervised

You do not have to submit an application if you are:

  • Visiting for lunch
  • Helping in the library or office
  • A college student in classrooms for program credit
  • 18 & under
  • A supervised classroom helper such as a room mom, assisting with a class party, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

Search by activity or school. Please note, many opportunities require an approved volunteer application which includes a background check. If a volunteer application is required, it will be noted in the listing. Allow plenty of time before the volunteer event for your application to be reviewed. If you have questions about a  particular volunteer opportunity, contact the school.

View Volunteer Opportunites

Once your application has been approved, check for opportunities to volunteer, or call the school.

Apply to be a volunteer

Have you already been approved as a volunteer? The Volunteer Portal tracks your hours, and volunteer activities.

Volunteer Portal

More information
[email protected]

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