At Spring Run Elementary, we want all students to achieve their greatest potential socially, emotionally, and academically.  With this in mind, our school has the following expectations for behavior from students, staff, and families:

P – Positive Attitude
A – Appropriate Choices
W – Work for success
S – Show Respect

In the classroom, PAWS, it looks like the following:

P – Take Turns; Do Your Best, & Work Together
A – Sit up straight; Listen to the speaker; Ask and answer questions; Nod your head for understanding, & Track the speaker with your eyes
W – Be ready to learn; Have your tools ready, & Accept responsibility for your actions
S – Keep your desk  and work area organized and clean & Stay in your hula hoop space

In the bathroom, PAWS, it looks like the following:

P – Take turns & Wait Quietly
A – Use a Level 1 (whisper) voice, Keep the restroom clean, & Put the trash in the trash can
W – Wash your hands with soap & water
S – Use the right amount of soap & towels & Flush

Using Chromebooks (computers/other technology), it looks like the following:

P – Protect your Chromebook – plug in at the end of every day; travel with it closed & use two hands
A – Appropriate use only- students may only visit links/sites provided or approved by the teacher & Students may only use the camera when the teacher has approved it.
W – Water and Food – Always keep water and food away from the Chromebook or other technology equipment
S – Settings – Settings may only be changed with the teachers approval.

In the hallways, it looks like the following:

P – Look ahead; Leave a space between friends, & Smile
A – Line up quickly and quietly; Use a level 0 – no talking voice, & Walk in a line off of the wall (second square from the wall)
W – Pay attention to your teacher or adult walking with you
S – Keep your hands to your sides & Keep the hallways clean

In the cafeteria, it looks like the following:

P – Sit in your assigned seat; Speak kindly to others, & Take turns talking
A – Throw away your trash in the garbage; Use table manners, and Say Please and Thank You
W –  Walk through the café & Eat only your food
S –  Use Level 1 – inside voice; Stay in your seat; Raise your hand for help, & Keep your table clean

On the bus, it will look like the following:

P – Sit on your bottom & Face Forward
A – Keep Hands & objects inside of the bus and in your lap
W – Talk Quietly & Be kind (nice words)
S – Follow the bus driver’s directions

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