Straight talk about Chesterfield County Public Schools

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Chesterfield County Public Schools is on the go, connecting with students, families and community members where they are. A brand-new Speakers Bureau is part of this outreach. Through in-person presentations to community groups, the Speakers Bureau shares in a lively way the work of the largest school system in central Virginia.

Community groups of all sizes and from all arenas (civic groups, professional associations, homeowner groups, faith communities, etc.) are invited to schedule a speaker by filling out the simple form on this page: Here are current Speakers Bureau topics:

  • From Pencils to Partners: a Principal’s Perspective: Hear about the many leadership roles that principals fill and how they connect with students, teachers, families, community partners and many more stakeholders.
  • Keeping Up With Cul-de-sacs: Forecasting Growth for Our Growing Community: A nationally recognized school division, Chesterfield County Public Schools is often the reason people make their home in Chesterfield County. Learn how the school system works to forecast and respond to this growth.
  • How the Pie Gets Sliced: Learn how Virginia schools are funded and about the nearly yearlong process to determine how that funding is allocated.
  • My Schools, Your Schools, Our Schools: The entire community benefits from a strong school system. Explore ways to share time, talent and resources to make a difference for students.
  • Creating a Better Tomorrow, Brick by Brick: Explore the school system’s strategic plan, Imagine Tomorrow, which sets the direction of the school division’s work.
  • Many Voices, One Chesterfield: Learn how Chesterfield County Public Schools celebrates and supports every student within a community that is an ever-changing mosaic of diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • HR3 Recruiting, Retaining the Right People: Learn what goes into recruiting, staffing and retaining members of one of the largest workforces in the region.
  • Breakfast to Bus Stops: Operations 101: Operating a school division the size of Chesterfield equates to operating the largest catering and transportation organizations in the region. Get details about what must be considered to ensure classrooms are ready to go and students are ready to learn.
  • Oh, the Places They’ll Go: Supporting Students: Chesterfield County Public Schools strive to ensure success for all students. Explore the opportunities and supports available to make sure students are life ready.

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